Tobacco leafs from Demir Hisar are characterized with embraced aroma, orange slightly red color with general impression of typical premium oriental tobacco. Rich leaf and great combustibility, the primary production is 700-800 tones per year, end product.

Capacity may provide full tobacco preparation in amount of 1 000 000 - 1 200 000 tones per year.

We provide every face of the preparation: manipulation, natural fermentation, processing and packing (10 tones per day), of the tobacco. Without being modest, we can say that we pay great amount of attention in developing the relationship with the tobacco farmers, that results with traditionally good primary production.

Demir Hisar is located on 650m up to the level see, one of the most ecological areas in Macedonia.



Franklin Roosvelt 1-5
1000, Skopje, R. Macedonia
+389 2 3086 830
+ 389 2 3086 840
fax: +389 2 3080 131

Production Plant:
Bitolska BB, 7240 Demir Hisar